Build an app with SvelteKit and Bun

Use bun create to scaffold your app with the svelte package. Answer the prompts to select a template and set up your development environment.

bun create svelte@latest my-app
┌  Welcome to SvelteKit!

◇  Which Svelte app template?
│  SvelteKit demo app

◇  Add type checking with TypeScript?
│  Yes, using TypeScript syntax

◇  Select additional options (use arrow keys/space bar)
│  None

└  Your project is ready!

✔ Typescript
  Inside Svelte components, use <script lang="ts">

Install community-maintained integrations:

Once the project is initialized, cd into the new project and install dependencies.

cd my-app
bun install

Then start the development server with bun --bun run dev.

To run the dev server with Node.js instead of Bun, you can omit the --bun flag.

bun --bun run dev
  $ vite dev

  Forced re-optimization of dependencies

    VITE v4.4.9  ready in 895 ms

    ➜  Local:   http://localhost:5173/
    ➜  Network: use --host to expose
    ➜  press h to show help

Visit http://localhost:5173 in a browser to see the template app.

If you edit and save src/routes/+page.svelte, you should see your changes hot-reloaded in the browser.

To build for production, you'll need to add the right SvelteKit adapter. Currently we recommend the

bun add -D svelte-adapter-bun.

Now, make the following changes to your svelte.config.js.

import adapter from "@sveltejs/adapter-auto";
import adapter from "svelte-adapter-bun";
import { vitePreprocess } from "@sveltejs/kit/vite";

/** @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} */
const config = {
  kit: {
    adapter: adapter(),
  preprocess: vitePreprocess(),

export default config;

To build a production bundle:

bun run build
 $ vite build

vite v4.4.9 building SSR bundle for production...
transforming (60) node_modules/@sveltejs/kit/src/utils/escape.js

✓ 98 modules transformed.
Generated an empty chunk: "entries/endpoints/waitlist/_server.ts".

vite v4.4.9 building for production...
✓ 92 modules transformed.
Generated an empty chunk: "7".
.svelte-kit/output/client/_app/version.json      0.03 kB │ gzip:  0.05 kB


.svelte-kit/output/server/index.js               86.47 kB

Run npm run preview to preview your production build locally.
Using svelte-adapter-bun
  ✔ Start server with: bun ./build/index.js
  ✔ done
✓ built in 7.81s