Build an app with Nuxt and Bun

Bun supports Nuxt out of the box. Initialize a Nuxt app with official nuxi CLI.

bunx nuxi init my-nuxt-app
✔ Which package manager would you like to use?
◐ Installing dependencies...
bun install v1.x (16b4bf34)
 + @nuxt/devtools@0.8.2
 + nuxt@3.7.0
 785 packages installed [2.67s]
✔ Installation completed.
✔ Types generated in .nuxt
✨ Nuxt project has been created with the v3 template. Next steps:
 › cd my-nuxt-app
 › Start development server with bun run dev

To start the dev server, run bun --bun run dev from the project root. This will execute the nuxt dev command (as defined in the "dev" script in package.json).

The nuxt CLI uses Node.js by default; passing the --bun flag forces the dev server to use the Bun runtime instead.

$ cd my-nuxt-app
$ bun --bun run dev
 $ nuxt dev
Nuxi 3.6.5
Nuxt 3.6.5 with Nitro 2.5.2
  > Local:    http://localhost:3000/
  > Network:
  > Network:  http://[fd8a:d31d:481c:4883:1c64:3d90:9f83:d8a2]:3000/

✔ Nuxt DevTools is enabled v0.8.0 (experimental)
ℹ Vite client warmed up in 547ms
✔ Nitro built in 244 ms

Once the dev server spins up, open http://localhost:3000 to see the app. The app will render Nuxt's built-in NuxtWelcome template component.

To start developing your app, replace <NuxtWelcome /> in app.vue with your own UI.

Demo Nuxt app running on localhost

Refer to the Nuxt website for complete documentation.