Build an HTTP server using Elysia and Bun

Elysia is a Bun-first performance focused web framework that takes full advantage of Bun's HTTP, file system, and hot reloading APIs. Get started with bun create.

bun create elysia myapp
cd myapp
bun run dev

To define a simple HTTP route and start a server with Elysia:

import { Elysia } from 'elysia'

const app = new Elysia()
	.get('/', () => 'Hello Elysia')

console.log(`🦊 Elysia is running at on port ${app.server?.port}...`)

Elysia is a full-featured server framework with Express-like syntax, type inference, middleware, file uploads, and plugins for JWT authentication, tRPC, and more. It's also is one of the fastest Bun web frameworks.

Refer to the Elysia documentation for more information.